Castaways, we are castaways
Ahoy there, ahoy, we are castaways
We're stuck where we are
With no house, no car
Castaways, ahoy, we are castaways
We were out at sea on a sailing ship
The rain began to rain, and the wind began to whip
We felt the ship tip, it was going down
So we launched our lifeboat, so we wouldn't drown
Castaways, we are castaways
Ahoy there, ahoy, we are castaways
On an island at sea
Just me (me), and me!


PARDOhats, is the laboratory project of designer Sol Pardo in which, through headwear, an excuse is sought to manifest an ideal. Hats bring together the fundamental concepts of this brand and its designer. Art, the re-significance of a trade and design. They hide behind these pieces, the coexistence of different forms and cultures, with the firm intention of bringing together new canons of beauty. There is a conscious decision to use natural materials. We create unique pieces where raw materials such as raffia and other noble materials predominantly. In addition to the characteristic label with the seal of the brand. Above all, we present exclusivity thanks to the work, by the designer Sol Pardo, of between 10 to 50 hours to complete with every detail. This represents the brand, defending the value of what remains of slow fashion. Constructing concepts, generating identity and marking the distance from the false charm of the instantaneous. PARDOhats moves away from satisfying the whims of the season, creating a durable object that exposes the potential that awakens when we allow the encounter.

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