PARDOhats, the laboratorial project by designer Sol Pardo, uses millinery as a canvas to express ideals. The hats serve as a focal point, embodying the brand's fundamental concepts—art, craft redefinition, and design.

Concealed within these pieces is a harmonious blend of different forms and cultures, with a clear intention to set new standards of beauty. Natural materials, such as raffia and other noble elements, take center stage, accompanied by the distinctive brand seal.

Above all, PARDOhats offers exclusivity through the meticulous work of its director and designer, Sol Pardo. Each piece undergoes a dedicated 10 to 50 hours to perfect every detail, underscoring the brand's commitment to the value of slow fashion.

This commitment involves constructing concepts, forging identity, and distancing from the transient allure of instant gratification. PARDOhats deviates from satisfying seasonal whims, creating enduring objects that showcase the profound potential of genuine encounters.

La Veste and PARDOHats come together in a design game where the main goal is to mix their magical universes. The ethnic mix that PARDOHats presents full of Mediterranean and Latin American features, with the "back to school" of the colors and mixtures of La Veste. Blanca Miró, María de la Orden and Sol Pardo play with their universes, the 70s, return to their childhood and the 1975 cartoon series Heidie, to create these pieces that will add a touch of happiness and joy to winter.