Iguana bracelet. Immerse yourself in the unique charm of our aluminum bracelet adorned with a clay charm, featuring an artistic seal of a reptile drawing in a brown hue. This bracelet blends the modernity of aluminum with the rusticity and authenticity of clay, creating a piece of jewelry that captivates at first sight.

The bracelet, skillfully crafted in aluminum for durability and lightness, elegantly embraces your wrist. The clay charm, molded with dexterity, carries the image of a reptile, adding a touch of mystery and nature to the jewel.

The clay charm adds warmth and depth to the design, creating a delightful contrast with the silver sheen of the aluminum. Whether you wear it as a standout accessory or as a subtle touch in your ensemble, this bracelet allows you to express your style in a unique and artistic way. With every carefully considered detail, this jewel becomes a fascinating conversation between modernity and traditional craftsmanship.

Materials: Aluminum, Clay

All our products are handmade in our atelier located in the city of Barcelona.

The estimated time for the completion of this order is 7-15 business days.