PARDOhats, the laboratorial project by designer Sol Pardo, uses millinery as a canvas to express ideals. The hats serve as a focal point, embodying the brand's fundamental concepts—art, craft redefinition, and design.

Concealed within these pieces is a harmonious blend of different forms and cultures, with a clear intention to set new standards of beauty. Natural materials, such as raffia and other noble elements, take center stage, accompanied by the distinctive brand seal.

Above all, PARDOhats offers exclusivity through the meticulous work of its director and designer, Sol Pardo. Each piece undergoes a dedicated 10 to 50 hours to perfect every detail, underscoring the brand's commitment to the value of slow fashion.

This commitment involves constructing concepts, forging identity, and distancing from the transient allure of instant gratification. PARDOhats deviates from satisfying seasonal whims, creating enduring objects that showcase the profound potential of genuine encounters.

You should know that a hat requires care from its purchase and this is important for its durability. Remember that all our hats are handmade, with natural fibers and preparations.
The most important rule is to avoid getting your straw or felt hat wet as it is the water that gives it its shape. Remember that humidity can cause natural fibers to rot and mold spots to appear.
Straw or felt hats are not impervious to rain. Avoid getting it wet because the fibers can swell and the hat can become misshapen.
What is the ideal place to store your hat and prevent it from  is it damaged?
The place can be anywhere, the most important thing is the climate where the hat is located.
If your hat is in a dry climate, you need to check it frequently. Dry weather can harden the straw, causing it to break. To avoid this, you can moisten it with steam in order to make the hat more flexible. You can take a spray with water and spray on its wings superficially.
Although there are special boxes to store hats, you have to store it loosely or bend it. This way the hat mold will not be lost. Nor should you expose the hat to dust or high temperatures as they would damage its shape and appearance.
Straw Hats do not store in humid climates. Straw being a natural product, when it is in a humid place it can rot or mold, so you must be careful. Placing it in a safe place will help you keep the hat intact for many years.
What to do if your straw hat gets wet?
Try to avoid getting your straw hat wet. Remember that humidity can cause the straw to rot and cause terrible mold spots to appear. Straw hats are not impervious to rain, avoid getting wet because the straw can swell and the hat can be deformed. If your hat does get wet one day, don't make the mistake of placing it on a direct heat source or drying it with a hair dryer, this can toast the straw and make it brittle.
If your hat gets wet, what you should do is the following: take a clean cloth, try to absorb the water from the hat, and then let it dry naturally in a place where there is ventilation and natural light, without using hair dryers. no heating. You can also take a damp cloth and place it over the brim of the hat and iron it at a low temperature.
What is the correct way to manipulate our hat?
If you are a person who frequently wears a hat, but you are noticing that it loses its shape every day, this may be due to the way you hold it. When you put on or take off your hat, try to hold it by the brim, on both sides, to prevent it from losing shape. DO NOT grab the hat from the crown part because it is a more sensitive area and a bad grip will cause it to be damaged. Plus there's more chance of it getting dirty.
How should I iron the brim of my hat?
The most normal thing is that the brim of our hat arrives a little deformed or that this happens with use. Hats are still clothing items, just like a T-shirt. That is why to shape the wings you only need an iron and a slightly damp cloth. Place the cloth over the brim of the hat, then let the iron heat to a low degree, proceed to iron the brim gently and finally pass the iron 3 times. Be careful because the direct contact of the iron with the straw or the felt can damage the hat. It is NOT recommended to pass the iron too many times because the straw can burn or shrink. You must iron for a few minutes until you verify that the hat has returned to its original shape. This system is for flat brim hats only.
Now, not to despair, because the beauty of a hat is that it takes the shape of your head when you wear it and that marks from all your adventures remain on it. We want you to wear your hat and grow old with you.
Remember that almost all of our hats are 100% organic. If one day you fall into the sea, don't stress, you won't be polluting the planet!

Also, if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you.