All our PARDOhats are handmade to size using natural fibers. To ensure the durability and longevity of each piece there are certain care instructions that should be followed. Below are some guidelines for the storage and treatment of your hat to keep it looking its best.

Where is the ideal place to store your hat and prevent it from being damaged?
You hat should be stored in a place where it will not be squished or folded to preserve the shape of the hat. It can be stored in a hat box, hung on a wall or placed on a stand. The ideal place for a hat is one where it will not be exposed to dust or high temperatures. If you store your hat in a dry environment it can cause the straw of the hat to stiffen and eventually break. To prevent this check on the hat often and moisten it with steam or spray water on the brim to bring back its flexibility. Try to avoid storing your hat in a humid environment as straw and felt are natural products they can begin to rot or grow mold or mildew. Storing your hat in a safe place while not in use and checking up on it periodically will help the hat last many years.

What is the correct way to handle your hat?
If you are a person who frequently wears a hat, but you are noticing that every day it loses its shape, this may be due to the way you hold it. When you put on or take off your hat, try to grab it by the brim, on both sides, to prevent it from losing shape. DO NOT grab the hat from the crown. It is a more sensitive area and poor grip will cause it deform. In addition it can lead to the hat getting dirtier faster.

What to do if your hat gets wet?
The most important rule in hat care is to prevent your straw or felt hat from getting wet as this can cause fibers to swell and deform the hat. Remember that moisture can cause natural fibers to rot and mold spores to appear. We recommend trying to avoid wearing your hat in the rain or getting them wet.
If one day your straw hat gets wet, don’t place it directly on a heat source or dry it with a hair dryer, this can toast the straw and make it brittle. Instead, what you should do is the following: take a clean cloth, blot the hat to absorb as much excess water as possible, then let it dry naturally in a place with ventilation and natural light. Do not use heat or hair driers. If the hat is flat brimmed and dries with some deformities it may be ironed. See ironing instructions below.

How should I iron the brim of my hat?
It is normal for a hat brim to be slightly deformed and/or deform with use. Hats are still clothing, just like a T-shirt. Flat-brimmed hats may be ironed. To iron use a slightly damp cloth and place it on the brim. Using the iron on a low heat gently iron the brim a few passes at a time. Be careful to not make direct contact with the iron to the brim of the hat this can damage the felt or straw. Over ironing can burn or shrink the straw. When the hat has returned to its original desired shape, stop ironing.

Now, not to despair, the beauty of a hat is that it takes the shape of your head when using it and that there are marks of all your adventures. We want you to wear your hat and age with you.

Remember that almost all of our hats are 100% organic. If one day it falls into the sea, don't stress that you won't be polluting the planet!
If you have any other questions about how you should be caring for your hat, do not hesitate to contact us for help.